Saturday, February 18, 2006

Film Is Evil, Radio is Good: 02/18/2006

I caught the second of two Richard Foreman plays, Film Is Evil, Radio is Good, that are being presented by Gemini Collision Works at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg. I had actually seen Ian Hill’s earlier production of Film Is Evil, Radio is Good at Nada in 1998, with some of the same cast and Hill’s marvelous film segment from the earlier production. A new and welcome addition to this production is the wonderful Alyssa Simon as a very glamorous radio star. I’m glad that Hill has brought back his production and it is especially timely as Foreman himself is presenting his own new work ZOMBOID! – subtitled “Film/Performance Project #1”. And while I remember the original production as slightly more focused and energetic, Film Is Evil, Radio is Good is still worth a visit.

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