Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Heddatron: 02/15/2006

Les Freres Corbusier’s Heddatron is hilarious. Like a demented version of Stoppard’s Arcadia, Heddatron bounces back and fourth between Ibsen’s struggles with his life and his writing of Hedda Gabler and a modern day family dealing with the kidnapping of a wife and mother…by robots. While his pushy wife, slutty maid and his rival thespian, Strindberg, confront Ibsen he manages to produce Hedda Gabler and break the mold of his own well-made plays. Or that is, at least according to Nugget – the daughter of Jane and Rick, who is presenting an assignment on Ibsen to her class (an us), while trying to maintain her composure as her father and uncle search for her mother who is being forced to perform Hedda Gabler, by robots. As if this isn’t funny enough, we actually get to see a cliff notes version of Ibsen’s play, performed by Jane and a cast of automatons. Heddatron only runs through February 25th at here – get your tickets quickly!

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