Friday, March 17, 2006

Not Clown: 03/16/2006

Just when you think New York City is the center of the theatrical universe, along comes Not Clown a production from Austin, Texas, by the company Physical Plant, brought to NYC by the invaluable Soho Rep. Not Clown is the subversive, hilarious, political allegory of a time and place where Clowns are outlawed and tortured after the 9-11-like terrorism of “Flop Friday” carried out by head clown, Alfred. I’m sure any similarities to the “war on terror” are purely coincidental. The show is meta-theatrical to the nth degree, expertly directed by Carlos TreviƱo and preformed in high Clown-Guignol style by the terrific cast of eight, with a special nod to Lee Eddy as Agnes. It’s a shame it’s only here for 7 performances, because this show deserves to be seen.

For Info: Soho Rep and Physical Plant

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