Friday, June 23, 2006

Quail: 06/23/2006

Rachel Hoeffel’s Quail is a really odd play. Set in law office in lower Manhattan, it tells the story of Arlene Quail, a discontented secretary and her relationship with her boss, his tenant attorney and two of their clients. Arlene seems to be yearning for something; she’s a lost soul in search for some meaning or purpose. Arlene is as strange as the play she inhabits and Elizabeth Meriwether’s understated performance is up to the task. The detailed set by David Evans Morris with its offices, reception area and supply closet aid the play immensely in its workman-like tone. Former Ridiculous Theatrical Company member Everett Quinton lends some colorful, over the top mannerisms to the otherwise underplayed tone of the show. While I didn’t dislike the play, it did feel as though at times it was wondering as aimlessly as it’s title character.

For tickets and info: Clubbed Thumb Summerworks

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