Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Trouble in Paradise: 06/19/2006

The Hourglass Group’s stage adaptation of the Ernst Lubitsch’s 1932 film Trouble In Paradise is a joy. The physical production is gorgeous with art deco sets by Lauren Helpern and amazing costumes by Theresa Squire. Director Elyse Singer has assembled a terrific cast with extra kudos to the always-brilliant Steven Rattazzi, Jeremy Shamos and especially the OBIE-worthy Nina Hellman in the Miriam Hopkins role. The film, which I wasn’t familiar with but which I intend to now rent, is the story of Gaston and Lily, a pair of society thieves and their meeting and teaming up to swindle perfume heiress Madame Mariette Colet This adaptation opens up to include glimpses of the filming process, some backstage drama and even an off-stage Lubitsch calling out directions. This is the perfect show for a hot summer evening.

For info and tickets: www.hourglassgroup.org

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