Friday, June 30, 2006

School of the Americas: 06/30/2006

Ay Dios Mio! I think there may be a new term for naturalism pejoratively known as “kitchen sink” theater; amigos, we now have “live chicken” drama. Yes, there are live chickens on stage at the LuEsther Hall of the Public Theater. And that’s about the only surprise in store at School of the Americas. The new play by Jose Rivera, about the last days of Che Guevara, seems like a cross between and A&E bio-pic and a Spanish Telenovela. Rivera’s play comes across as an overly earnest character-study of the repressed schoolteacher and the rebel with a heart; it’s sort of a South American Educating Rita. Although based on fact, this play couldn’t seem more like a night at scene study class. The entire evening could not be more disappointing given the talent involved: Jose Rivera, Mark Wing-Davey, Jon Ortiz, LAByrinth Theater Company – all of whose work I greatly admire. Let’s chalk it all up to a terrible misalignment of the stars and hope for better work next time.

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