Friday, August 25, 2006

24 is 10: The Best of The 24 Hour Plays: 08/24/2006

The concept of the 24 Hour Plays is that a short play is written, rehearsed and performed in the span of 24 hours. 24 is 10: The Best of The 24 Hour Plays is a collection of the greatest hits of this series brought back to celebrate the 10 Annual NYC International Fringe Festival. To complicate things more, each of the performances for the Fringe will consist of a different collection. Of the five that I saw one was cute (“Karla Says”), one was an extended SNL skit (“Vikings!”), one was very good, due in great part to the always-interesting Elliotte Crowell (“Poor Bob”), one was inexplicable (“The Woman”) and one was just wacky (“A Weekend in Brazil”). Overall it was a fun evening at the theater, I’m just never sure what is to be gained to creating art under such forced circumstances.

Fringe Rating: 8 (out of 10)

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