Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Danny Boy: 08/15/2006

The premise of Marc Goldsmith's Danny Boy is great. Can four-foot tall Danny find love in New York City? Unfortunately, Goldsmith's play doesn't quite live up to that premise and director Christopher Goodrich doesn’t help matters much with a rather lackluster production. Danny meets Allison at work and is encouraged to ask her out by his slacker best friend, Gabe. Danny and Allison eventually wind up together, but Danny isn’t sure if it’s just a sex-fetish thing for Allison (as she makes him dress up as an elf for sex). Although there are some laughs in Danny Boy, the script doesn’t seem fully developed; the plot does 180 degree turns out of left field more that a few times. Thankfully Sarah Schoenberg lends some much-needed energy to the proceedings as Allison, but otherwise Danny Boy isn’t a big success.

Fringe Rating: 5 (out of 10)

For Info: www.dannyboytheplay.com and www.fringenyc.org

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