Friday, August 11, 2006

The Deepest Play Ever: The Catharsis of Pathos: 08/11/2006

CollaborationTown’s hilarious new project, The Deepest Play Ever: The Catharsis of Pathos is a Fringe must-see. It’s sort of a post-apocalyptic Mother Courage, with zombies. Complete with Brechtian songs, dances and projections it’s Mel Brooks meets the avant-garde. But the references don't stop with Brecht – actually they don’t stop at all; “inspiration” was taken from Shakespeare, Marlowe, Charles L. Mee, George Romero, George Lucas, Tennessee Williams, and many more I’m sure I either don’t remember or didn’t catch.The text by Geoffrey Decas is wonderfully funny and smart and is served well by Ryan Purcell’s inventive direction. The entire cast could not be better with special notice to Chinasa Ogbuagu as Mother LaMadre, Boo Killebrew as her severely retarded daughter Kit Kat and Jessma Evens as Yvette. I can’t wait to see what CollaborationTown does next.

Fringe Rating: 9 (out of 10)

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