Monday, August 28, 2006

FringeNYC 2006 Overall Excellence Award Winners have been announced!

...And the winners are:

Outstanding Play:
I Was Tom Cruise
Modern Missionary

Outstanding Musical:
The Fartiste
58! A Comedy About Bike Messengering
Fallen Angel

Outstanding Playwrighting:
Matt Hoverman - In Transit
Moby Pomerance - Broken Hands
Geoffrey Decas - The Deepest Play Ever: The Catharsis of Pathos

Outstanding Music & Lyrics:
Danny Ashkenasi - The Tell-Tale Heart

Outstanding Solo Show:
Flying on the Wing
Mike’s Incredible Indian Adventure
Democrats Abroad

Outstanding Direction:
Mark Steven Robinson - Don’t Ask
Jonathan Silverstein - Red Herring
Joel Froomkin - The Infliction of Cruelty

Outstanding Costume Design:
Robin L. McGee - Rainy Days & Mondays
Renee Mariotti & Bernard Grenier - Trouble in Shameland

Outstanding Set Design:
Shane LeClair - A Small Hole
Robin Vest - Hermanas

Outstanding Actor:
Anna Jayne Marquardt - Walmartopia
Helen Stratford - Suicide - The Musical
Steve Hayes - The Pengiun Tango
Cory Grant - Broken Hands
Margaret Daly - T.L.C.

Outstanding Ensemble:
Open House
Vice Girl Confidential
The Onion Lovers
Diving Normal

Outstanding Choreography:
Paula Kroening - Band Geeks

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