Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Gay Penguins! The Penguin Tango is inspired by actual events at the Bremerhaven, Brooklyn, and Central Park Zoos. In this "ripped from the headlines" comedy about gay penguins, Roy and Silo's relationship is tested when the zookeepers introduce a Swedish temptress penguin and electro-shock therapy into the habitat to force Roy to turn straight and reproduce. But, the Penguin community joins forces to rescue Roy and Silo and take a stand for penguins everywhere. The Penguin Tango explores, stretches, defies, and pokes fun at customary definitions of sexuality and gender. In the world of the play -- the world of the Humboldt penguin -- there is no social norm for sexuality or gender. Homosexual couples and heterosexual couples exist equally. It is only when human zookeepers try to impose their traditional definitions of love, gender and mating that the penguins become confused and conflicted and comic chaos ensues. Woody Allen always jokes that penguins are like Catholics - they mate for life. I wonder what he'd think of this...Written and drected byStephen Svoboda, the production stars Steve Hayes from the movie Trick.

For Info: http://www.frescotheater.com/ and http://www.fringenyc.org/

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