Sunday, September 10, 2006

SPOLEUM: 09/10/2006

David lives in New York City, but dreams of Venice. However, other images are drifting into his dreams (memories?) – most notably images from the 1973 Nicolas Roeg film Don’t Look Now. SPOLEUM, written and directed by Daniel Allen Nelson, is the final presentation of the Ontological-Hysteric’s Summer Incubator Series. It’s a smart, ironic, visually stimulating sixty-minutes of theater; part travelogue, part dance-theater, part archeological lecture. SPOLEUM makes great use of the space at the Theatre at St. Mark’s Church, which is usually masked by the ornate sets of Richard Forman’s works. There is much of Foreman’s own aesthetic in SPOLEUM, but much of Nelson’s own personality as well. It is great to see the torch being passed to a new generation at the Ontological.

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