Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Thugs: 10/25/2006

Adam Bock's The Thugs may be the best play ever written about working in a 20th/21st century office; specifically the uncertain and undefined world of temp workers. The play takes place on the 9th floor offices of an unnamed law firm in which numerous long-term temp workers are employed to review files for a vaguely described "dumb" case. But people are dying, disappearing or perhaps being murdered in the building – or maybe not; maybe it's just the overactive imagination of the underutilized brains of these workers. Bock's language is purposely sparse – sort of David Mamet meets Rich Maxwell. Anne Kauffman precisely directs the production making it at once hilarious and frightening. And it is casts like this for which ensemble awards are given. The Thugs original short run has been deservedly extended by two weeks, giving anyone who would like to see one of the best shows of 2006 some extra chances. Soho Rep strikes gold yet again! Bravo!

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