Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coming Soon: Big Art Group‘s DEAD SET #3

The US Premiere of Dead Set #3 by the always-amazing Big Art Group is being presented at The Kitchen as part of Under The Radar 2007.

Described as:
An explosive hybrid performance of video and theatre, Dead Set #3 explores the embodiment of trauma through a synthesis of reenacted pirated dialogue, borrowed online chats, and choreographic action derived from sampled movement. An acid-drenched schizophrenic portrait reflecting the disturbing state of contemporary life subsumed within increasingly brutal media spectacles, Dead Set #3 wields the weapons of information battlespace and turns them against their makers. A hypnotic and disturbing work from the vanguard of iconoclastic theatre.

Performances will be: Thurs. Jan. 18th - Mon. Jan. 22nd 8pm at 8pm and Thurs. Jan 25th - Sat. Jan. 27th 8pm

The Kitchen
512 West 19th Street

For info: Public Theater or Big Art Group

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