Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Culture Project: It's Moving

According to today’s New York Times, The Culture Project is moving to the old Manhattan Ensemble Theater space on Mercer Street.

The link to the full article is below, but here are the “highlights” as I see them:

  • Culture Project had been paying $50,000 a month for both theaters and office space on Bleecker Street – office space that “included living quarters of Allan Buchman, the project’s founder and artistic director”

  • They are keeping the office space (and presumably the “living quarters”) and dropping the venues

  • Off-Off Broadway looses one if it most interesting venues – 45 Below – and it sounds like shows that thought they had a venue in 2007 are now out of luck

  • The move to 55 Mercer Street is happening very quickly, Culture Project is in the new space in January (!)

Link to the full article: NY Times:A Downtown Theater Company Is Moving Even Farther South

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