Saturday, November 18, 2006

Panic: 11/18/2006

Rafael Spregelburd’s Panic is a transcendental farce centering around Emilio, who has recently died. Emilio’s ex-girlfriend (and former adopted mother) and her two children are searching for the missing key to his safe deposit box, in which they believe is a large sum of money. Like early films of Pedro Almodóvar, Panic is filled with wacky characters who seem to enhabit a world of their own. There is some very funny and good work by much of the large cast, most notably Jess Barbagallo, Tatiana Pavela, Maggie Mariolis and Tina Shepard. But while the show starts out promising, it soon runs out of steam with many of the scenes running too long. Panic is part of the Buenos Aires in Translation [BAIT] series at PS122 and it struck me that in this play and as well as the other play in the series I saw, Women Dreamt Horses (directed by Jay Sheib), the directors far outshined their material. In this case the very talented Brooke O'Harra of The Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf, infuses live music into the production by way of Jubal Fulks on violin and Sam Hillmer on clarinet.

For Tickets & Info: PS122

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