Saturday, December 16, 2006

Heartbreak House: 12/16/2006

Maybe it’s me, maybe I have A.D.D.; maybe it was this production, the pace did seem to lag at times; maybe it was the fact that there is only one intermission after act one and acts two and three are played straight through; maybe it was the typically annoying matinee audience – but at close to two hours and fifty minutes, Heartbreak House seemed unusually long and a little dull. Swoosie Kurtz is always fun to watch on stage, even if she’s more Swoosie than Hesione. Lilly Rabe, Laila Robins and Byron Jennings are all good, too. Philip Bosco is almost unrecognizable and slightly miscast as Captain Shotover. The last few minutes of this play always give me a thrill, but this time it was more out of gratitude that the show was over.

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