Sunday, December 03, 2006

Will there be an 11th Annual New York International Fringe Festival?

With the celebration of the 10th Annual Fringe last August some people questioned its relevance and importance and how long it would continue. Now I’m beginning to worry that it may not be around for an 11th year. According to the Fringe website,, “application(s) for FringeNYC 2007 will be available on (the fringe) website in November 2006” and “(a)pplications will be accepted from November 1, 2006 - February 14, 2007.” As of today, December 3rd, no application is available. Now anyone that has worked with the Fringe in the past, knows that their timetables are soft. More dirstubingly however, the credit that follows all official listings for The New York International Fringe Festival is “A production of The Present Company” and now The Present Company’s own website,, is down, giving the ominous message – “Gone”.

In a recent Thanksgiving Day posting, I listed Fringe NYC as one of the 9 things I am thankful for in NYC Theater. I am so hoping that we have not seen the last of the Fringe! Elena, tell us we are going to have a #11.

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