Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dead Set #3: 01/25/2007

If anyone needs hard evidence as to how dark the world has become in the past, say, six or so years, need only to look at the production history of Big Art Group. Their previous work, specifically their Real-Time Film trilogy, maintained an air of playfulness even when the plots were the material of B-movie slasher films. Flash forward to 2007 and Dead Set #3, the newest work of Caden Manson, and there is a definite shift and things have taken a threatening turn. Dealing with issues of cannibalism and war, Dead Set #3, explores the personal and public sides of violence exposing the audience to an extreme visual and aural and practically physical assault as one is likely to see on stage this year. Beginning with a montage of lights and sound, moving into a collage of dialogue from numerous films (including The Shining, Night of the Living Dead and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes) and ultimately ending in the meeting of two men who meet on-line for an act of consensual cannibalism. Despite some technical quibbles – such as some misguided lighting - this is a work one is not soon likely to forget.

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