Friday, January 05, 2007

The Rapture Project: 01/05/2007

Great Small Works' The Rapture Project is inspired by classic Sicilian puppet theater’s Orlando Furioso cycles, which performed the epic clash of Christians and Muslims in the 1800’s, proving in explicit marionette style, that everything old is indeed new again. Despite an occasional sloppy presentation and sometimes confused narration, The Rapture Project is a riveting political polemic with a cast of characters that include fundamentalist Christians giving a tour of the Grand Canyon, punk Muslims in Buffalo, and American CEO supplying faulty armor to the US soldiers in Iraq and the ghost of Susan Sontag. Along the way to the inevitable blood-bath of a climax is a terrific sound-scape, songs and music composed and performed by Jessica Lurie. And the visual of the Anti-Christ walking down Jay Street is my favorite theater image in a long time!

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