Thursday, January 18, 2007

Regrets Only: 01/18/2007

I don't understand why Paul Rudnick was bashed so harshly for writing a farce on gay marriage. Many of the NY critics berated him writing one-liners that they said didn't amount to a play. I'm not sure if said critics actually know what a farce is, but Regrets Only is a first class farce. The fact that it manages to be as poignant as it does should be to its credit, not its detriment. I can't recall Neil Simon being held to these same standards. Christine Baranski, looking beautiful in William Ivey Long's gorgeous costumes, has the pristine timing to land every joke Rudnick supplies. Jackie Hoffman is flawless as the only white, Jewish maid in New York City. And Sian Phillips, as Baranski's mother, almost steals the show at the beginning of Act Two. I think the New York critics need to start reviewing the shows they see not the shows they think they should be seeing.

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