Sunday, January 07, 2007

You Belong To Me: 01/07/2007

You Belong To Me: The Fifth Installment of the Death of Nations Project is a three part theater piece taking place in the US south on the last day of the American Civil War, in Germany on the last day of World War II, and in a present-day US military hospital in Germany. This was my first encounter with the Death of Nations Project and The International WOW Company for that matter. Maybe they are an acquired taste – by the third part I was really enjoying You Belong To Me, but it was really rough going. Act I – Belongings – has none of the humor of the final two Acts, and it's sorely missed. The style of Act One is part Robert Wilson, part Reza Abdoh, part Heiner Müller, and at times it crosses over into avant-garde parody. But things pick up considerably after the first intermission. Act Two is very funny (on purpose) and Wagnarian in scope. And Act Three is just trippy, but enjoyably so. So if you are planning to see You Belong To Me – don't leave at the first intermission – or better yet, just second and third act it.

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