Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All That I Will Ever Be: 02/20/2007

Alan Ball's All That I Will Ever Be is an interesting mess of a play. There are parts that are absolutely riveting and there are parts that are absolutely stage-y in the worst sense of the word. Peter Macdissi plays a bisexual male prostitute who is constantly reinventing himself as much for his own sake as for the “pleasure” of his clients. We constantly question who Omar is, if that is even his real name. And then we question who anyone is – are we the sum of our past experiences and if so how is that different (if at all) from the story we tell to others. Its a fascinating premise and when All That I Will Ever Be plays on that premise it borders on brilliant. And then there is the rest of the play, in which characters are able to all-too-eloquently sum up their emotions, and glibly confront each other. The cast is uniformly excellent and I'm beginning to think Jo Bonney's accolades as director are truly the result of the talented casts she is lucky enough to assemble.

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