Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dying City: 03/14/2007

Christopher Shinn's Dying City is an excellent play being given an excellent production at Lincoln Center Theater's Mitzi Newhouse. It's rare to see a challenging play being given such a thoughtful, creative production; one that actually rises to the occasion of a great script. Dying City is a three character play, being performed by two actors on a very slowly revolving stage. I know, it sounds like bag of gimmicks – but it's not. It's a drama that hooks you when the apartment buzzer sounds in the opening minutes and doesn't let you go until the final blackout. Pablo Schreiber playing twin brothers – one of whom is actually being portrayed in flashback, an American soldier killed in Iraq, the other his gay brother visiting his widow is excellent. But this is not quick-change “trick” - is not a “Mystery of Iraqi Vet” - both characters are physically, vocally and emotionally drawn wholes. No less impressive, even though "only" playing one character, is the fabulous Rebecca Brooksher. The play itself unfolds as delicately as the stage revolves slowly. Director James Macdonald does a fine job on every level, making for a terrific evening of theater.

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