Sunday, March 18, 2007

Essential Self-Defense: 03/18/2007

Adam Rapp's new play with music, Essential Self-Defense, is a sweet and demented fairy tale. Sadie meets Yul in a self-defense class; Yul is actually the well-padded attack dummy she beats up in class. Sadie has an overwhelming sense of dread – and who can blame her as numerous children are disappearing from the streets of Bloggs, USA. Yul is strange, but is he sinister or just weird? Heather Goldenhersh is perfectly cast as the sweet and quirky Sadie and Paul Sparks is terrific as the peculiar Yul. The physical production is great, especially David Korins' sets. Carolyn Cantor (Artistic Director of Edge Theater) has done a fine job in realizing everything this excellent new play has to offer.

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