Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lifeboat: 03/17/2007

I wound up seeing Lifeboat with a friend who had gotten the tickets and didn't realize that programing at the New Victory is primarily for kids and families. Lifeboat is a production of the Scottish company Catherine Wheels and is the true story of two British girls who meet aboard a ship destined for Canada. The ship was carrying ninety British children who were being evacuated from England to protect them from the constant bombing of their country by the Nazis. Isabelle Joss and Suzanne Robertson portray the two girls as well as their families, other children and everyone else in the story – and they are both excellent. They manage to switch between characters effortlessly and completely – in most cases with only their faces and bodies to convey the change. The broad strokes and often repetitive narrative signal that this is a show for young people, but the content matter could definitely lend itself to adult audiences – perhaps a “grown up” version of the show is in order? The production is only here through March 25th, so grab a kid and go see it.

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