Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 2007 Preview

Here are some shows beginning performances in March that look interesting:

Tea and Sympathy - Keen Company presents a revival of Robert Anderson's 1954 play about a young man whose schoolmates think he's a homosexual; Clurman Theatre; March 6th – April 14th;

Dog Day Afternoon - A stage adaptation of the famous film about a bank robbery gone awry, written and directed by Frank Solorzano; American Theatre of Actors; March 7th – March 25th;

Moby Dick-Rehearsed - A revival of Orson Welles's stage play based on the classic American nove by Herman Melville; Richmond Shepard Theatre. March 7th – March 25th;

Bouffon Glass Menajoree - It's back! A clown theatre version of Tennessee Williams's famous play; this was one of the highlights of the recent NY Clown Theatre Festival. Brick Theatre; starts March 8th – March 24th;

Hotel Oracle - A new play by Bixby Elliot about six strangers who leave their hotel to seek out the Oracle; Walkerspace; March 8th – March 31st;

Prometheus Bound - Aquila Theatre Company presents a new production of Aeschuylus's famous tragedy; Classic Stage; March 13th – April 14th;

Desire in the Suburbs - A new play by Frederic Glover, inspired by Eugene O'Neill's Desire under the Elms, about a love triangle between a man, his wife, and his son; WorkShop Theater; starts March 14th – March 31st;

The Exiles - A new adaptation of Euripides's Orestes by puppet theatre artist Theodora Skipitares; La MaMa; March 22nd – April 8th;

Tales of the Lost Formicans - A revival of Constance Congdon's great play about a family coping with their grandfather's advancing Alzheimer's; Theatre 54 @ Shetler; March 28th - April 15th;

Rearviewmirror - A new play by Eric Winick inspired by The Bacchae; Presented by Reverie Productions; 59E59; starts March 31st – April 22nd;

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