Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frost/Nixon: 04/24/2007

Some great plays spring from actual events. For me, the David Frost interview of Richard Nixon in 1977 was just a post-script to the story of Watergate. But in this real-life drama, playwright Peter Morgan has found the inspiration for an epic battle of wills between two media figures. In Frost/Nixon both Frost and Nixon have everything at stake during the course of these multi-hour dialogs, but as told by Morgan, only one of these men can be victorious. The text is more slanted towards the Frost character (his team has several narrators, while Mr. Nixon has only one) but a fair fight is still to be had because if your underdog is played by Frank Langella he has more than a fighting chance. Similar to that other recent historical British import, Stuff Happens, Frost/Nixon suffers from a little too much plodding exposition at the beginning, but by the end you can't help but be fully involved.

For Tickets & Info: www.frostnixononbroadway.com

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