Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Fall and Rise of the Rising Fallen: 5/11/2007

I'd heard a lot about the company Banana Bag & Bodice so I was very much looking forward to their new show, The Fall and Rise of the Rising Fallen (having missed the much talked about The Sewers). Taking Des McAnuff’s Leave it to Beaver is Dead to it's logical next step, The Fall and Rise of the Rising Fallen uses a rock concert as it's dramatic structure. And the company has actually formed a band and created a back story. Many of the songs really rock, and you really don't doubt for a minute that you a watching a band and not a company of actors. The physical production is excellent, the band performing on a wooden platform that resembles an oil rig on which the band is performing, and it includes one of the most hilariously innovative, low budget, ad hoc stage special effect I've ever seen. My one disappointment is that their wasn't a more solid through-line for the piece. I'm the last person to ever complain about a lack of plot or narrative, but when your basic structure is that of a concert, some sort of cohesive adhesive would come in handy to hold it all together. But for something truly unique that you won't soon forget, don't miss this show.

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