Thursday, May 10, 2007


The New York Drama Critics Circle, which for some reason DOESN'T include critics for The New York Times, has chosen it's awards for the 2006-2007 Season.

Here they are:

Best Play: The Coast of Utopia, by Tom Stoppard
Best American Play: Radio Golf, by August Wilson
Best Musical: Spring Awakening, by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater
Special Citation: The Broadway revival of Journey’s End

You can check out the website for the NYDCC here:

It is always interesting so see how the voting goes for this award, with its first, second and third balloting. There were some cool shows among the mix, including: Adam Bock’s The Thugs and Christopher Shinn’s Dying City. I guess I don’t quite understand why a few critics would abstain from the first round of voting for a Best American Play (Robert Feldberg, Frank Scheck and Terry Teachout) only to go ahead and vote for three plays in the final round of voting?


Mark said...

Yeah, I posed that same question to David on his blog and he said he didn't know. Some kind of procedural manuever?

Ludlow Lad said...

I received an e-mail from Terry Teachout last night after my post was said:

"The NYDCC constitution mandates that after the first round of voting, members must vote on a play--they cannot abstain. Don't ask me why--those are the rules..."


Mark said...

So, is the implication that Terry thought NO plays were worthy and only voted for ANY of them because that was the rule? I just want to make sure I understand you correctly.

Ludlow Lad said...

That's the way it seems to me. To not vote and then to have to vote later seems to me to be saying, "I don't think any play is deserving of this award...but if you force me to are my choices..." But you'd have to ask the NTDCC or their members for an official explanation.