Sunday, May 20, 2007

On The Verge: 05/18/2007

Eric Overmyer's 1985 play, On The Verge, is being given a first rate production by Phoenix Theatre Ensemble. If you don't know the play, it follows the Victorian female explorers as they travel through time and space and wind up in 1955. As the explorers, Angela Madden, Elise Stone, and especially Angela Vitale give great performances and Michael Surabian finds lots of fun in the various males they encounter. Director Karen Case Cook for the most part does a fine job, and one point having our three heroines scale the risers of the Connelly Theater; I only wish she had found a more ineteresting way of handling the women's monologues. But overall, if you don't know this wonderful play, this is a great way of experiencing it.

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