Sunday, June 10, 2007

2007 Fringe Shows Are Posted

I just noticed that the shows involved in the 2007 New York International Fringe Festival are posted on the FringeNYC website. A quick glance reveals a ton of musicals and more than a few shows involving the apocalypse.

Some interesting titles include:

Angst: The New Teen Musical
Asking For It (Directed byLynne Taylor-Corbett)
BASH'd! - A Gay Rap Opera
Dressing Miss Julie
Elephant in the Room! (based on Eugene Ionesco's 'Rhinoceros')
JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE COME HOME! (Book by William Peter Blatty, based on his novel.)
Jazz Hand: Tales of a One Armed Woman
LOST IN HOLLYWOODLAND OR THE SLUGWOMAN FROM URANUS (Described as: "Damn Yankees" meets "Ed Wood" in this retelling of Faust.)
PN 1923.45 LS01 Volume 2 (The Book Play)
The Rise and Fall of Miles and Milo
Williamsburg! The Musical (with songs like "One Stop (To Excitement)" and "Peter Luger Lullaby")

See the full list here:

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