Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In A Dark Dark House: 06/06/2007

The late-in-the-process replacement of Jason Patrick by Fredrick Weller in Neil LaBute's In A Dark Dark House can only be seen as a blessing in disguise – Fredrick Weller is terrific in this dark dark new play. America's national alpha-male playwright in residence has done it again, but to say what he has done would be unfair to all future audience; suffice to say it involves two brothers and a secret from their past. LaBute grabs hold of the audience and doesn't let go and his ninety-minute, morally ambiguous and challenging play is a treat for anyone who enjoys what the theater does best. Ron Livingston, as Weller's brother, is an excellent foil. Despite some possibly overly-indicated points early on, Carolyn Cantor's direction is true and spot-on. Anyone looking for the same-old, spoon-fed politically-correct nonsense should stay away.

Spotted at the Show: Annie Parisse and Paul Sparks

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