Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gypsy: 07/16/2007

I was really looking forward to the Summer Encores production of Gypsy with Patti LuPone. Gypsy has to be one of the finest musicals ever written and LuPone one of the true divas of the musical theater today. When you toss in the talents of Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Alison Fraser, and Nancy Opel under the direction of Arthur Laurents the hopes of a smash evening are high. Unfortunately what is on stage at City Center seems like a rushed, thrown-together half-effort. LuPone shines in some musical numbers and some of the scenes as well – but the feeling of the over-all production is that of a skimpy bargain basement knock-off of a name brand original. The fact that so many of the numbers are performed at a faster-than-usual tempo doesn't help the rushed feeling of the whole show. It made me miss the Tyne Daily production more than ever.

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taikonaut said...

yeah ...and i thought i was the only one who thought the pace of the show felt rushed! And yes the sets were a bit skimpy but i'm sure they did the most they could within the budget for this 3 week production..