Friday, August 10, 2007

Days and Nights: page 121, lines 11 and 12 - 8/10/2007

Anne Frank and family performing scenes from Chekhov's The Seagull while in hiding – a simple and effective premise; it immediately adds a layer of subtext absent in most productions of Chekhov productions. Adapted and directed by Marc Stuart Weitz, Days and Nights: page 121, lines 11 and 12, is a powerful piece of theater. Weitz isn't afraid of long stretches of silence or repetition of text and the results underscore the horror of their confinement. The cast is very good with Erin Gorski (Anne) Philippe Bowgen (Peter) and Catherne Gowl (Mrs. Frank) being particularly excellent. Fair warning though, familiarity with The Seagull is a must – it may be hard to follow as actors switch roles and plot is not a focus. That said, it was nice to start off this year's Fringe Festival with such a well though-out, mature and well-done piece.


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