Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fringe Preview: John Goldfarb Please Come Home

John Goldfarb Please Come Home Fringe Festival...a new musical comedy about love, spy planes, harem girls, and the Notre Dame football team, complete with belly dancing and a Middle Eastern score. Book by Oscar winner William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist) and music and lyrics by Michael Garin, Robert Hipkens and Erik Frandsen.

For Info & Tickets: www.johngoldfarb.com or www.fringenyc.org


zodak said...
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zodak said...

This show sucks. It was just terrible! Even the lighting was bad. It was as if the house lights were on the whole time. I should have known when the program said no intermission to take an aisle seat. The leads were good but they shouldn't have been forced to dance, that should have been left to the belly dancers who were fantastic. I should have left with the others after the bellydance scene ended. So much of this musical should have been cut when it was adapted from the screen to the stage. Yep, this bad play was a bad movie with the same name. For some reason Mardie Millit wore a body stocking even though she is very attractive. It was distracting as it made her belly button stand out from the other women on stage. She is a great singer & should be in better material than this show. The narrarator was completely unnecessary & while a good actor his monologues were too long. How do things like this make it to the stage?

Kathy Barthway said...

Wow, my belly button's never gotten a pan before! But thanks for saying I was good!

Anonymous said...