Friday, August 24, 2007

Hail Satan: 8/24/2007

It was nice to end my two weeks of Fringe-going on a high note. Mac Rogers' Hail Satan is a smart and funny satire. How would you feel if you took a job in a five-person office, only to find out they everyone went to the same church on Sundays? How would you feel if that service was in worship of Satan? Well that's what happens early on in Hail Satan. The play gets even more complicated and outrageous after the arrival of a baby during one of the office's rituals. While the cast isn't top-notch (except for the wonderful Laura Perloe), director Jordanna Williams keeps things moving nicely but not too rushed. And while the play may try to tackle a few too many issues, it's completely entertaining.

Fringe Rating: 8/10

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