Saturday, August 11, 2007

Riding the Bull - 8/11/2007

A religious rodeo clown with a big head (GL) falls for the mean fat girl who happens to be an atheist (Lyza). When they have sex, she shouts out the name of the next winning bull rider. They scheme to bet on these winners and so they become rich enough to hire an Elvis impersonator to be GL's mother's companion. Playwright August Schulenburg's Riding the Bull is the kind of quirky play for which the Fringe is famous - not always a good thing, mind you. GL's monologues are sharp and funny – the dialog, less so; and the reversals that both characters undergo seem to come from nowhere. The physical production is excellent and Kelly O'Donnell's direction is fine but in the end, unfortunately, Riding the Bull doesn't amount to much.

Fringe Rating: 5/10

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