Sunday, August 19, 2007

Williamsburg! The Musical - 8/19/2007

For a fun time, check out Williamsburg! The Musical. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Williamsburg is sort of a low-rent Rent. The music by Kurt Gellersted & Brooke Fox and lyrics by Brooke Fox are the show's biggest asset, especially the “One Stop (To Excitement)” and “Craigslist Hook-Up/Missed Connections” numbers. Deborah Wolfson's choreography (she also directs) is excellent and she moves the large cast gracefully about the not-so-large stage. And among that cast, Nicola Barber (as Amina Snatch of the evil Snatch Realty) is a standout. While the show does run out of steam by the end, with a little work Williamsburg! could be this years Walmartopia!

Fringe Rating: 8/10

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