Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Winter's Tale Project - 8/12/2007

The Winter's Tale Project is a musical version of one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Given it's promo tag lines (“LOOKING FOR A HOT PIECE OF TALE?” and “2007's Best Musical featuring death by a Bear”) I was expecting something a little more tongue in cheek, but save for a song entitled “Stuck With The Bear” commenting on the Bard's most ridiculous stage direction – this musical mostly plays it straight. The cast is mostly good, and some (the charming Farren Timoteo, the feisty Dot Portella and the lovely Emily Mattheson) better than that and Bridget Ryan's direction keeps things moving briskly.There is one standout song - “To The Moon And Back” - and given the sort rehearsal time, the low ticket price, and the effort of the game cast The Winter's Tale Project is a mild success.

Fringe Rating: 6/10

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