Sunday, September 30, 2007

medEia: 09/30/2007

It's somewhat comforting, and a little depressing, to know that actor-centric theater companies in Europe are no better than their American counterparts (despite the tons more funding they receive). Take Dood Paard, from Amsterdam, for example, now performing medEia at PS122. With a text by its three actors (!), medEia is a retelling of the Medea myth, complete with modern song lyrics and slides. All of this may be terribly exciting to the three performers involved, but for the one-hundred plus spectators it is far less so. The credits in the program are a bit confusing, too. In the program it says “created by” Kuno Bakker, Manja Topper, Oscar van Woensel [the three performers],Coen Jongsma [who?], Iwan Van Vlierberghe [one of the two people credited for “lighting and Sound”] & Anne Karin Ten Bosch [who??] - and that seems to be the problem, there is no one single vision and like a lot of theater-by-committee medEia doesn't quite work.

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