Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road):

For me, a show by Temporary Distortion is not about what is being told but how it is being told. I'd be hard pressed to tell you the “plot” of some of their previous shows, but the mood, images, technical devices and aural surroundings are what sticks. With Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road), TD has really expanded their use of video and it has really taken their shows to a new level. The video sequences in Welcome To Nowhere, by William Cusick (projected above the installation-like structure in which the live actors perform) are so beautifully shot they put most major films to shame. Artistic Director Kenneth Collins has once again created a terrifically atmospheric piece and assembled a group of game actors to participate, most notably Stacey Collins, Brian Greer and Lorraine Mattox. Don't miss Temporary Distortion's next show.

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