Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Wooster Group's HAMLET: 10/16/2007

Back for it's official run after a brief stint at St. Ann's Warehouse earlier this year The Wooster Group's HAMLET is a must-see. Now performing at The Public's Newman Theater (why does the public make such a secret out of which venue a show is in?), the Wooster Group's re-construction of the 1964 Richard Burton telecast of Hamlet is a thrill to watch. It hasn't changed drastically from early this year. This is still Scott Shedhard's show and he runs with it. Kate Valk is wonderful as always (as both Gertrude and Ophilia). A new revelation for me this time was how great Ari Fliakos was as Claudius and a number of other roles. Casey Spooner's Laertes song is terrific as is the entire sound design. I wasn't quite sure how The Public's subscribers were feeling about the show and anyone expecting Shakespeare's Hamlet will be disappointed. But anyone looking for something special should get thee to The Public! It's already been extended through December 2nd.

For Tickets & Info: www.publictheater.org

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