Friday, December 14, 2007

Under The Radar 2008

Former Artistic/Executive Director of the fabulous PS122, Mark Russell now spearheads the annual Under The Radar festival and upcoming lineup is great.

My picks include:


Conceived and Directed by Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska

Created and Performed by Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Nature Theater of Oklahoma returns to UTR with this awesome and awkward dance manifesto that grows exponentially through to the piece’s final takeover of the entire performance space.

January 10 – 20 (Running time: 65 minutes)

Thurs. Jan 10th 1pm and 8pm | Fri. Jan 11th 9:30pm | Sat. Jan.12th 7pm | Sun. Jan. 13th 9:30pm | Wed. Jan 16th 7pm | Thurs. Jan 17th 9:30pm | Sat. Jan 19th 9:30pm | Sun. Jan. 20th 4:30pm


Conceived and directed by Jay Scheib
In collaboration with media artist Leah Gelpe
Produced by Shoshana Polanco
Partially seen and partially screened, this Antonioni inspired piece follows four lovers as they destroy each other in an attempt to defy their irreparable loneliness.

January 9– 20 (Running Time: 110 minutes)

Wed. Jan 9th 8pm | Thurs. Jan 10th 1pm | Fri. Jan. 11th 9:30pm | Sat. Jan 12th 2pm | Sun. Jan 13th 7pm |Wed. Jan 16th 7pm | Sat. Jan. 19th 4pm | Sun. Jan 20th 7pm


Presented by The Foundry Theatre and Rotozaza

Created by Anton Hampton and Silvia Mercuriali

Performed by You

A half-hour experience for two people sitting at a table in a public restaurant where headphones tell you what to say and do. Etiquette exposes human communication at its most delicate.

@ Veselka, 144 Second Ave
Tickets are $20 (for pair of two)
and can be purchased at the or
January 9 – 20 (Running time: 30 minutes)

PERFORMANCE TIMES: Noon to Midnight at 1/2 hour intervals at Veselka.

Saturday, January 19 at 11AM
Artist Talk at The Public (Free Panel Discussion)
New Theater - Back to the Future: Young Jean Lee, Jay Scheib and Nature Theater of Oklahoma

For a full schedule and more info:

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