Sunday, April 20, 2008

EST Marathon 2008

I have to remember to add EST's Marathon of One Act Plays to the list of things I am thankful for. Check out this year's lineup:


"An Upset" by David Auburn
Directed by Harris Yulin

"Christmas Present" by Amy Herzog
Directed by RJ Tolan

"A Little Soul-Searching" by Willie Reale, music by Patrick Barnes
Directed by Evan Cabnet

"Tostitos" by Michael John Garces
Directed by May Adrales

"Wedding Pictures" by Quincy Long
Directed by Kathleen Dimmick

Runs May 8 - May 31


"The Great War" by Neil LaBute
Directed by Andrew McCarthy

"Okay" by Taylor Mac

"Happy Birthday William Abernathy" by Lloyd Suh

"Ideogram" by David Zellnik
Directed by Abigail Zealy Bess

"October/November" by Anne Washburn

Runs May 23 - June 20


"In Between Songs" by Lewis Black

"Japanoir" by Michael Feingold

"Piscary" by Frank D. Gilroy

"Flowers" by Jose Rivera

"A Very Very Short Play" by Jacquelyn Reingold
Directed by Jonathan Bernstein

Runs June 6 - June 28

For Tickets: CLICK HERE

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Joshua said...

"Okay" by Taylor Mac was SOOOOOOO awesome. I wrote about it today: