Saturday, June 07, 2008

INCUBATOR! @ Ontological

May 29--June 14: Vicious Dogs on Premises

Vicious Dogs on Premises is a new dance/theater piece about deciding between cruelty and love, dog training, having too many choices, torture, following instructions, and shifting loyalties. It may include such events as: Butoh Dancing or Imaginary Alpine Folk Dancing or Gestures an Angry Lawyer Makes in Court. It could include people talking about Threatening Things Said to Children or Efficient Fuel Sources. You might see people decide between Balancing On One Foot or Falling Down Repeatedly. With a script by award winning playwright Saviana Stanescu.

Witness Relocation formed in 2000 and is led by director/choreographer Dan Safer. They are the recipients of the 2007 NY Innovative Theater Awards for best choreographer, best sound design, and best production (also nominated for best ensemble, lights, and costumes). The critically acclaimed company has created ten original productions, engaged in a two year residency at the renowned Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok, and performed in theaters, nightclubs, rock videos, and on a Thai TV Soap Opera.

Directed and choreographed by Dan Safer
Performed and choreographed by Heather Christian, Sean Donovan, Mike Mikos and Laura Berlin Stinger
Script by Saviana Stanescu
Set and Lights by Jay Ryan
Video by Kaz Phillips
Sound by Ryan Maeker
Costumes by Pandora Andrea Gastelum
Press by Jonathan Slaff and Associates

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June 18--21: TRUE NORTH

Set in the arctic landscape, True North explores obsession and isolation, including: the sounds that things make when you break them, Cole Porter songs, the constellations, recycled stuffed animal bear skins, hundreds of paper snowflakes, blood, glitter, and polar bears.

Helsinki Syndrome is a performance art collective based in Seattle, WA producing non-linear, ensemble driven theater pieces that incorporate text, movement, music, and imagery into bold, rigorous, imaginative performance works. Helsinki Syndrome has performed to local acclaim at On the Boards: Northwest New Works Festival and 12 Minutes Max, Annex Theatre, Open Circle Theater, and collaborations with Henry Art Gallery and the Vancouver/Toronto art collective Instant Coffee, and Seattle School.

Rachel Hynes: Co-Director, Writer, Ensemble
Mike Pham: Co-Director, Writer, Ensemble
K. Brian Neel: Ensemble

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