Saturday, August 16, 2008

FRINGE: Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire

My favorite fringe show so far this year is Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire. An un-named man takes the stage among obvious ruins of hurricane Karina, finds a blond wig and is transformed into Tennessee Williams heroine Blanche DuBois battling the elements and the bureaucracy of the federal government. Its strength is it's brilliantly simple premise (why didn't I think of that!) and its funny and smart script that fulfills its premise to the nth degree: Blanche arrives at the Superdome, is evacuated to a cheap motel and ultimated dumped in the hands of a faith-based organization and forced to take a job at Popeye’s. Written and performed by Mark Sam Rosenthal and directed by Todd Parmley, Blanche Survives Katrina, shouldn't be missed.

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