Monday, January 19, 2009

Coming Soon: Chuck.Chuck.Chuck

This sounds and looks interesting...

With text inspired by As I Lay Dying, CHUCK.CHUCK.CHUCK. is a collage of spoken word, video, music and dance. An investigation of dislocation, failure and loss, the piece follows the family members of Addie Bundren as they decide to leave their home to fulfill her dying wish – to be returned to her birthplace for burial. CHUCK.CHUCK.CHUCK. charts their arduous journey and examines crises of family and faith.

The novel employs a stream of consciousness approach, unfolding through a series of interior monologues told by fifteen narrators throughout 59 chapters; events are fragmented, often revisited from several points of view. In CHUCK.CHUCK.CHUCK., the performers dramatize Faulkner’s literary techniques and layers of sound and video externalize each character’s inner life, illustrating onstage the beautifully disjointed world of the book.

For more info:

Immediate Medium presents
February 10 – 28
The Collapsable Hole
146 Metropolitan Avenue
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Tickets: $12 in advance ($15 at the door)
Buy Tickets: or 212-352-3101

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