Friday, January 02, 2009

FREE theater!

Inverse Theater, in association with Access Theater, presents:
at the Access Theater Loft Space (380 Broadway, 4th floor, Manhattan)
it is at 8 pm, Wed - Sat, January 7, 8, 9, and 10, 2008
and it's FREE!!!
This is an adults-only show, due to the adult treatment of adult themes. An over-abundance of adult lines like those below could bring possible adult-like harm to any non-adult:
"Decapitation is the future of comedy in bed."
"I always identified with the retarded kids."
"My first time was actually my fifth time cuz I hadn't yet learned to count."
"Her tits won't stops squirting lighter fluid on my hobosexuality."
"There's a kindness in you, somewhere, waiting to get out on good behavior, so it can pop them wack niggaz what dry-snitch that chi-mo shakedown in the first place."
"I'm currently working on an alternative sperm source that doesn't contribute to an unhealthy surplus of my kinda guy."
"I like it when you act like I was born yesterday."
"Just the right amount of mothering, and everything's fuckable."
"Watermelon porkrind pooty goop."
If you are an adult and are ready for some adult-sized catharsis,
the Inverse perverts will see you now.
reservations not accepted. first come first saved.
the actors are:
Anna Elwood, Anni Bruno, Annie Scott, Lora Chio, Mick O'Brien, Darius Stone, Joe Pindelski, Christopher Yeatts, Robert Laine, Timothy Reynolds, Sarah Engelke, Vanessa Vivezza, Rachel Tieman, Josh Hartung, Shawn Laine
music by John Gideon
costumes by Karen Flood
properties by Jane Stein
lights by Jeff Nash
stage management by Bettina Warshaw
assist. stage management by Shawn Laine
words and direction by Kirk Wood Bromley

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