Monday, August 03, 2009

Fringe Preview: Willy Nilly

Willy Nilly: A Musical Exploitation of the Most Far-Out Cult Murders of the Psychedelic Era
Writer: Trav S.D.
Director: Jeff Lewonczyk
Charles Manson meets Mad Magazine in this tasteless spoof about a filthy faux-Messiah, his cult of wanton women, and high Hollywood murder. With a raucous score, gratuitous nudity, acid freakouts, excessive gore, cruel stereotypes and slapstick misogyny, consider this the anti-Hair.
1h 45m

VENUE #3: Dixon Place

Fri 14 @ 5 Sun 16 @ 8:30 Fri 21 @ 11 Sat 22 @ 4:45 Sat 29 @ 8

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